Monday, October 23, 2017


Many years ago, I bought a painting in Africa.  The cost of the painting wasn’t very much, it wasn’t about the cost.  The money went to help a family.  The painting became a memento from that country and had sentimental value to me.
The painting had some flaws, smudges, it needed to be re-stretched and the frame needed to be repaired.
I was in no hurry, but I knew one day I would find someone that did art restoration.
I gave the painting to Anabela Ferguson, who owns and operates Brush Strokes Fine Art LLC.  My painting was in good hands.  She did an excellent job in cleaning and restoring the painting to its original, beautiful appearance.
I would recommend Brush Strokes Fine Art LLC to anyone who is in need of fine art restoration.  She is knowledgeable, professional and cares about you and your art.

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