Tuesday, August 12, 2014



While taking a copy of an art piece made by Salvador Dali to Anabela to be framed, I saw this beautiful painting made by her, and decided to own it!This is how it looks on my wall.

Pedro Blano

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Google and Anabela's Portrait


Animals are such great companions, no matter what type or how big they are, they are always there for us. Our Cockapoo's best friend is now almost ready to go home with their owner. I hope Zaqui does not get gelous when his portrait goes up on the wall.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Anabela and Graduated Student

From L.H.Fairfax Virginia

Anabela!  I had the greatest time over this past month when I took lessons from you!  You are a real rock star!  To watch you work was at least as good as jamming with Bruce Springsteen would have been!  You gave me so much to work with, and you have inspired me to try to make some art of my very own . . . not Anabela art (although that is the best!!) but Linda art!  I know it takes time to learn all that you know, but you have learned it well and apply it well and continue to learn every day!  If even one inch of you rubbed off on me, I'll be able to do a very passable oil painting.  Thanks, Anabela!  

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Modern Art for the Heart
Gaithersburg, MD

Anabela cleaned a modern acrylic portrait that depicts a famous Turkish poet (late) Orhan Veli Kanik (seehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orhan_Veli_Kan%C4%B1k). The significance of the painting is that my husband inherited it from his grandfather who was a famous contemporary composer mostly known for his orchestral pieces Necil Kazim Akses (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necil_Kaz%C4%B1m_Akses). The portrait is incredibly unique in two ways: one is that the painter/artist Fahir Aksoy who is known as a leader in naive movement in modern Turkey
(See http://www.turkishpaintings.com/index.php?p=37&l=2&modPainters_artistDetailID=1141) and the portrait symbolizes cubic modernism, an enormous deviation from the typical works of this important naive artist, and second although it depicts an abstract portrait, the resemblance to Orhan Veli Kanik is very striking. This jewel was heavily soiled before it found life again in Anabela's magic hands. Anabela knows exactly what needed to be done to revive this priceless masterpiece. When I asked Anabela what she could do to restore the painting, she knew exactly what to do. (I wanted to make a surprise for my husband by the way, since I know he wants to cherish the memory of his grandfather by displaying art pieces or artifacts that belonged to him). Anabela immediately suggested that after cleaning, the piece needed to be encased in a museum quality glass frame with a double-layer linen matting for a floating effect. She gave the lighter colors deep cleaning, and the darker colors sift cleaning. She told me that the pigment of black and reds are staining colors and could bleed if done with deep cleaning. I was fine with that. When she brought the finished product, it looked STUNNING! Anabela is a true artist! When my husband came home from work that very day, he could not believe his eyes! He hanged the picture on top of the fireplace located in our sunroom with high ceilings. He cannot take his eyes off of the painting. He cherishes this jewel every day! Thank you Anabela!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Brush Strokes Fine Art Conservation & Custom Framing


From the Orient to the States. Removed the wood backing that has a high pulp and acid content. Removed a sponge that was put under this beautiful peace to give it a 3d dimension. The sponge only added more acid and the edges of the precut paper was adding even more brown spots (known as foxing) and because there was no glass to protect this hand made art piece. We perserved the frame that came in but added 65% museum glass by truvue. It looks like it did not have a glass at all.


Monday, March 3, 2014

New Magazine Competition 2014

Supporting an Artist 

Thank you Friends and Family for your support

Happy to share with you about the news I received this past weekend. 
http://www.artandbeyondpublications.com. The Publisher Choice Award to be published and promoted in March/April issue was given to following artists: GK Brock, Debbie Chan, Anabela Ferguson, Stephanie Holznecht, Keri Colestock, James Lively, Natalya Parris, Anita Wexler, Leslie Ebert, Charles Fletcher

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Celebrating his Birthday

Youngest Art Collector


This young man and his mother stopped by my display 
at Huntsman Square, Virginia.  He was so taken
by this piece and asked to have it 
for his birthday.  

Happy Birthday!